Animal Adventure Picture Flat 10 Books Collection narrates about animals with funniest things with a selfish crocodile, A greedy sheep & many more.
Animal Adventure Childrens Picture Flat Collection 10 Books Set Mucky Duck NEW by Various
Animal Adventure Childrens Picture Flat Collection 10 Books Set Mucky Duck NEW by Various
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Animal Adventure Children s Picture Flat Collection 10 Books Set


The Lonely Giraffe

Poor giraffe is feeling left out. His long neck means that he's just too far away from the action. The other animals on the jungle floor can barely hear his distant voice, and when they are up in the trees, the giraffe startles them with his big head so high off the ground. But when the river bursts its banks and only the monkeys and the birds can climb or fly to safety, it's time to forget old prejudices and work together.

The Selfish Crocodile

Every morning a very large and very snappy crocodile shouts this selfish message: 'Stay away from my river! It's MY river! If you come in my river, I'll eat you all!' The animals in the forest don't know what to do. They are frightened of the crocodile. Even the fish, tadpoles, frogs, crabs and crayfish stay out of the water. Until one day, the creatures are woken by a loud groaning sound which turns out to be the selfish crocodile in a lot of pain, and the smallest of them all, a little mouse, finds a way to solve their snappy dilemma! Astoundingly bright, bold illustrations bring to life all the wonderful creatures of the forest in a rainbow of colours. The Author: Faustin Charles is a renowned poet and story-teller. His collection of Afro-Caribbean rhymes was published to great success by Puffin. This is his first picture book text. "Bloomsbury Children's Books" are also publishing his first poetry collection in October 1998, establishing Faustin as a Bloomsbury author across the board. Faustin spends much time in schools and libraries story-telling, and is also Library Buyer for Enfield. He lives in North London. The Illustrator: Mike Terry is most well-known for his wonderful cover illustrations for Dick King-Smith, including "The Hodgeheg" and "The Sheep-Pig" (the basis for the successful film "Babe"). This is his first picture book. Mike lives in Hythe, Kent.

The Gossipy Parrot

Godfrey is a very gossipy parrot - there is nothing he likes better than passing on a rumour and stirring up some trouble! Most of the animals in the jungle aren't quite sure who this chatterbox is. Until one day Lion decides enough is enough and decides to teach Godfrey a lesson. But will Godfrey really mend his ways?

Gordon Charge

Being in charge is a job for one, and Gordon is happy to fill the role! So what happens when a rival appears on the scene? Especially when that rival is also called Gordon, and is equally bossy! Fur (and feathers) will fly, and one of them has to go, but how will they decide which one? Riotous fun with a gentle message about co-existence that mirrors the sibling rivalry that most families will recognise. The richly colourful art is packed with animals to identify and count.

Mucky Duck

Mucky Duck is a very special duck - he likes painting, cooking, playing football...and he also likes getting VERY MUCKY! And one way or another he always seems to get his friend Oliver very mucky too. Children will love the repetitive line 'O you Mucky Duck!' that appears frequently within the pages. And Neal Layton has used collage to great effect to create some really messy pages...our only advice is to dive right in. Perfect for reading aloud. Sally Grindley is the author of over 30 books for children and has had an astonishing four of her books short-listed for the Smarties prize. Her previous books for Bloomsbury include Who is It?, Where are my Chicks, A New Room for William and the newly-published The Sulky Vulture illustrated by Michael Terry. Sally lives in Gloucestershire. Neal Layton is an astounding talent in children's illustration. His first picture book was The Photo and his second for Bloomsbury, Rover, with Michael Rosen has been a huge success worldwide. He is currently illustrating the forthcoming Wicked Poems selected by Roger McGough, and is a talent to watch. Neal lives in Glasgow.

Marvin want More

Marvin is not happy. Why are the other sheep bigger than him? And why are they faster than him? And WHY can they jump higher than him? Something has to change, and Marvin knows exactly how to change it . . . by EATING! Because if he's bigger than the other sheep, then surely he will be better, too? And after eating the grass and the flowers and the bushes, Marvin wants more. And after eating the trees and the clouds and the sky, Marvin still wants more! But what happens when there's nothing more left for Marvin to eat? A brilliantly funny picture book about a brilliantly greedy sheep!

Hamish The Highland Cow

Hamish is a Highland cow and VERY hairy. He hates having baths and NEVER cuts his hair. Why should he when his shaggy coat is the perfect place to keep his favourite sweet - toffees! But one day his friends get fed up with the increasingly smelly Hamish, and they hatch a plan that involves a hairdresser and, yes, toffees! An exuberant story with bold, bright illustrations from a very talented artist. 'Russell's bright-eyed cast, including sheep with coloured rinses, is full of character and her text is deftly delivered - it's a gift to read aloud.' Scottish Sunday Herald

Milo's Pet Eggs

Milo discovers a pebble and soon they become friends. Together they roll, balance, float and just mess around, until they're exhausted and go to bed. The morning brings a big surprise for Milo when he realises that there's more to the pebble than meets the eye, and then a whole new friendship evolves

Looking After Little Ellie

When the mouse families neighbour phones and asks if they will babysit Little Ellie the mice gamely volunteer. They have an action packed day, because Little Ellie is not little at all! She is a huge elephant baby. She needs so much food, so many games, a lot of rest and even her tears are huge. This brilliant family of mice are well up to the task in hand, even though it is quite exhausting.


"Layton's wildly exuberant illustrations provide the perfect accompaniment to the four legged narrator's refreshing brand of humour" - "The Guardian". This is a completely topsy-turvey view of a world seen from a dog's eye point of view - a very funny story which turns to real drama when the little girl gets lost on the beach and the search is on to find her.

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Animal Adventure Childrens Picture Flat Collection 10 Books Set Mucky Duck NEW

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These Books are written by various authors about animal adventure series collection.

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Best books for kids who loves animal stories and Snazal Recommends this collection for kids.

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my daughter is just loving this books...amazing pictures and lovely story


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