Wellington's Guns is the long overdue story of the often stormy relationship between Wellington and his artillery and the achievements of main protagonists.
Wellingtons Guns (General Military) by Nick Lipscombe
Wellingtons Guns (General Military) by Nick Lipscombe
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Wellingtons Guns (General Military)


Wellington was a brilliant field commander but his leadership style was abrupt and uncompromising. He kept his artillery commanders at arm's length. In consequence, Wellington's relationship with his Gunners was dutiful at best, and occasionally failed completely. Wellington's somewhat disparaging comments resulted in the mistaken belief that the Gunners performed badly at Waterloo, supposedly abandoning their which was in direct contrast to French eyewitness accounts. Wellington's Guns is the long overdue story of the often stormy relationship between Wellington and his artillery, the frustrations, the characters and the achievements of the main protagonists as well as a detailed account of the British artillery of this period.

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Wellingtons Guns (General Military)

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Nick Lipscombe was born in 1958 in Angers, France. He has a degree in Business Studies and an MSc in Defence Studies. He was commissioned into the Royal Artillery in 1980. During his thirty four years in the British Army he has seen considerable operational service with the British and American armies, as well as with NATO and the UN (He was awarded the US Bronze Star in 2006). A keen interest in military history followed his academic studies at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst concentrating on the Napoleonic era and the Peninsular War in particular. He has been working in Iberia for the last eight years and has written a number of articles and delivered many lectures on matters relating to the war. His first book, An Atlas and Concise Military History of the Peninsular War was published in 2010 and selected as one of the Daily Telegraph (History) Books of the Year. He is Chairman of Peninsular War 200, the UK official organisation for the commemoration of the bicentenary of the War and a Trustee of the British Cemetery at Elvas, Portugal. He speaks German and Spanish and lives in Spain with his wife Janny: they have three daughters.

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