School Picture Flat Job Lot 9 Brand New Children Books by Igloo Books Ltd. All nine books are amusing set and it is easy to read and understand for children.
School Picture Flat Job Lot 9 Books Set Collection Trunk Trouble, The Fairy Ball by Igloo Books Ltd
School Picture Flat Job Lot 9 Books Set Collection Trunk Trouble, The Fairy Ball by Igloo Books Ltd
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School Picture Flat Job Lot 9 Books Set Collection


Rooster Trouble

The animals don't like the new rooster on their farm. He's big, he's bold and he's bossy. He thinks he owns the place! However, when the hens stop laying and the horse loses his clop, something has to be done. Everyone's tired of being pushed around.
Can the farm animals get rid of the troublesome rooster or will he stay to crow another day? Come and find out in this hilarious picture book that's sure to make you giggle.

Old MacDonald

Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O! Children will love to read about all of the animals on Old MacDonald's farm in this fantastic storybook featuring the well-known song. Perfect to share together, this book is sure to be a hit at story time.

Noah's Ark

A great flood is coming and Noah has to build an ark in time to save his family and all the animals. Join in with this wonderful re-telling of Noah's Ark as the animals board two-by-two and the rain falls down. This timeless tale is a classic to be treasured by parents and children alike.

I Love You, Mummy

No mother could fail to be touched by sheer tenderness in this beautiful book. This gentle, heart warming story celebrates the tender love of a mother for her child. Everyone will recognize the softness of morning cuddles and night time snuggles, of being safe, warm and secure. Let yourself be enfolded in a world of motherly love in this charming, timeless book

The Fairy Ball

Everyone in Fairyland is excited for the Fairy Queen's Royal Ball, but the ball decorations have gone missing and Fairy Honesty and her friend, Fairy Harmony, have to find them. Can they solve the mystery of the missing decorations in time for the ball? Find out in this magical tale of fairy friendship and fun.

Bedtime, Little Bear

Little Bear doesn't want to go to bed. He wants to keep playing. When Mother Bear and the forest animals call to him, he pretends he can't hear. But the sun is sinking and soon it will be dark. Will Little Bear find his way home before night time comes? Find out in this magical, moonlit, bedtime story.

Be Brave, Little Penguin

Little Penguin really wants to play, but there's just one problem - he's afraid of the water. He's much too scared to join in the fun with his friends. But will Little Penguin be brave enough to overcome his fear? Come and find out in this super splashy story book!

It's Time to Play!

Little Lion wants to do all the things that Big Lion does. The problem is, Big Lion is just too sleepy to show him how! So, Little Lion decides to do things all by himself. Can Big Lion enjoy his snooze, or will Little Lion wake him up with all his climbing and pouncing? Come and find out in this wonderful jungle adventure that's all about playtime fun.Trunk Trouble

Trunk Trouble

Little Elephant just wants to play games with the rest of his friends, but his long trunk keeps causing him trouble! Can Little Elephant solve his problem and learn to be happy as he is? Enjoy this wonderful story of friendship and jungle fun and you'll find out!

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School Picture Flat Job Lot 9 Books Set Collection Trunk Trouble, The Fairy Ball

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