The House of Night Collection 4 Books Boxed Set (House of Night Novels), written by Author P. C. Cast, titles in this set are Hunted, Tempted, Burned and Awakened.
The House of Night Collection 4 Books Boxed Set (House of Night Novels) by P. C. Cast (Author), Kristin Cast (Author)
The House of Night Collection 4 Books Boxed Set (House of Night Novels) by P. C. Cast (Author), Kristin Cast (Author)
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The House of Night Collection 4 Books Boxed Set



Zoey is alive and stronger than ever, being cared for by her new Guardian, and finally finding some peace far from the ongoing battle against Neferet. But in her brief moment of happiness, it's easy to forget that the House of Night needs her, as do her friends. In Zoey's absence, Stevie Rae has found her feelings for the Raven Mocker Rephaim are stronger than she ever could have expected, even while he still admits loyalty to their sworn enemy. Then a terrible murder threatens to destroy their group and tear their world apart - and that death will not be the last...


Zoey Redbird's soul has been shattered by the death of her high school sweetheart Heath, and she has followed him to the Otherworld. As the world threatens to fall under Neferet's control, the only hope is that Zoey might find the strength to bring her soul together again. Stark, Zoey's Warrior, is determined to save her, no matter what the cost to himself. And Heath is only just beginning to understand that, in the Otherworld, the only way to save Zoey is to lose her - completely...


'I can never leave you in peace. You and I are bound. We will be each other's salvation, or each other's doom.' He took a step closer and I mirrored his movement by taking a step back. 'Which shall it be? Salvation or doom?' Zoey Redbird, now High Priestess of the shattered House of Night, is doing her best to hold everything together while dealing with her beloved, injured grandmother, her moody boyfriend, her secretive best friend, and the aftermath of the victory over her former mentor and a terrible, beautiful dark angel. But Neferet and Kalona have only been banished, not defeated, and everyone knows they're heading straight for the Vampyre High Council, where Zoey must follow. Zoey might be a High Priestess, but she's still just a teenager. And she's the only hope the world has.


He took my palm in his and turned it over so that the sapphire-coloured tattoos that covered my palms were visible. Then, much as I had just done, he lightly traced his finger across my skin. I shivered, but I didn't pull away. After the terrible arrival of the dark angel Kalona at the House of Night, Zoey Redbird and her friends have fled to the tunnels under the town, where they hide out with the strange new red Vampyre fledglings. Everything changes when Zoey is badly injured - and finds herself back at the House of Night, face to face with Stark, who she hasn't forgotten since he died in her arms. But now Stark is working for Neferet. Can Zoey trust him? Who is really on her side as the battle begins? And what price will she have to pay for following her heart?

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The House of Night Collection 4 Books Boxed Set (House of Night Novels)

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Phyllis Christine Cast, is an American romance/fantasy author, known for the House of Night series she writes with her daughter Kristin Cast, as well as her own Goddess Summoning and Partholon book series.

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