Famous five collection 5 books set (6 to 10) by Enid Blyton. Presents the adventurous story of four children Julian, Dick, Anne, Georgina & their dog.
Enid Blyton Famous Five Collection 5 Books Set (6 To10) by Enid Blyton
Enid Blyton Famous Five Collection 5 Books Set (6 To10) by Enid Blyton
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Enid Blyton Famous Five Collection 5 Books Set (6 To10)


Five On Kirrin Island Again

What is Uncle Quentin up to on Kirrin Island? He won't let anyone visit - not even the Famous Five! But he's not alone on George's island - somebody is watching his every move! Can Julian, Anne, Dick, George and Timmy the dog find out who and warn Uncle Quentin?

Five Go Off to Camp

Spook trains in the dead of night! And they seem to vanish into thin air - but where do they go? The Famous Five are on to it! But discovery of an unusual underground tunnel system, and a secret train-service, has them puzzled. If they follow the tracks, will they solve the mystery?

Five Get Into Trouble

The Famous Five are distraught! Dick has been kidnapped - mistaken for somebody else! The gang finally track him down - to a lonely, abandoned house - but then they too are siezed and held captive! Now that all of them are miles from home, and from help, how will the intrepid Five get themselves out of this mess . . ?

Five Fall Into Adventure

Julian, Dick and Anne are really worried - George and her devoted Timmy have just disappeared! Not only that, somebody has broken into Kirrin Cottage. Could there be a connection? The Famous Five think so, but it's going to be tough getting to the bottom of this mystery when there's only three of them . . .

Five On A Hike Together

When Dick is woken by a light flashing through his window, he is puzzled. Is someone trying to send him a coded message? And when the Famous Five hear of an escaped convict in the area, they are on red alert. The police won't help, so the Five have no choice. Yet again, they'll be solving this mystery by themselves . . .

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Enid Blyton Famous Five Collection 5 Books Set (6 To10)

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Enid Mary Blyton 11 August 1897 to 28 November 1968 was an English children's writer whose books have been among the world's bestsellers since the 1930s, selling more than 600 million copies. Blyton's books are still enormously popular, and have been translated into almost 90 languages; her first book, Child Whispers, a 24-page collection of poems, was published in 1922. She wrote on a wide range of topics including education, natural history, fantasy, mystery stories and biblical narratives, but is best remembered today for her Noddy, Famous Five, and Secret Seven series.

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Enid Blyton Adventure Series is very enthusiastic, every children must know.I am sure that, you love this series!


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