Harvey Angells collection by Diana Hendry depicts about Angell brightens up Henry's life like a supercharged thunderbolt. Amazing Fantasy series ever.
Harvey Angells Collection 3 Books Set by Diana Hendry
Harvey Angells Collection 3 Books Set by Diana Hendry

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Harvey Angell's Series

Winner of the Whitbread Award

A Strange and Spooky Mystery

A Thrilling Time-Travel Adventure...

Harvey Angell Collection 3 Books Set

Harvey Angells Collection 3 Books Set


Harvey Angell

There's a mysterious, magical new lodger at gloomy 131 Ballantyre Road: Harvey Angell, whose bright beaming, thousand-watt smile can somehow cheer the most miserable people - even cross, penny-pinching Aunt Agatha! From the moment Harvey walks through the front door, Henry knows there's something very strange and special about his new friend. But where does he disappear to late at night? And why does he have an unusual clock, that tells the time in centuries and years, rather than hours and minutes? Henry's determined to find out Harvey Angell's marvellous secret . . .

Harvey Angell Beats Time

When Henry finds a strange baby hidden among the flowers in Aunt Agatha's garden, it looks like another adventure is in store - especially when little Sweetheart sprouts antennae! But when a host of ghostly women begin to haunt 131 Ballantyre Road, all desperate to catch a glimpse of the baby, Henry and his new friend Rosie know this is a job for the magical, marvellous Harvey Angell. Henry's extraordinary friend quickly realizes that Sweetheart isn't from this world - she's from the future, and she needs to get back home before it's too late. That means a breathtakingly dangerous trip through time for Harvey Angell . . .

Harvey Angell and the Ghost Child

Since the arrival of Harvey Angell at 131 Ballantyre Road, life is a little bit brighter for orphan Henry - even mean old Aunt Agatha isn't quite so miserable these days. Still, when she agrees to take everyone on holiday, Henry can't believe his luck. For the first time ever, he's about to see the sea. Sibbald House isn't quite what he'd pictured - a dusty, tumbledown, creaking old cottage in a freezing, windswept Scottish fishing village. On the first night, Henry can't sleep a wink for the spooky moaning noises coming from somewhere within the house - and on discovering a hidden room with a ghostly secret, he knows he has to solve the mystery that the house - and the village - has been hiding for years. It's time to enlist the help of the extraordinary Harvey Angell

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Harvey Angells Collection 3 Books Set

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Diana Lois Hendry (born 2 October 1941) [1] is an English poet, children's author and short story writer. She won a Whitbread Award (now the Costa Prize) in 1991 and was again shortlisted for the prize in 2012.

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