Warrior Myth Legend 3 books collection set by Various, one of the best-selling modern classic series. Titles in this set are Hercules, Thor and King Arthur.
Warrior Myth Legend 3 Books Collection Set by Various
Warrior Myth Legend 3 Books Collection Set by Various
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Warrior Myth Legend 3 Books Collection Set



Hercules battled gods, men and monsters in a lifetime of violence and destruction. Today, Hercules is best known for his 'twelve labours', a series of near-impossible tasks assigned to him as punishment for the killing of his wife and children. During those tasks, he slew the multi-headed hydra, wrestled with Cerberus, hound of the underworld, and stole the girdle of Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons. Yet even when his labours were done, his adventures continued. Hercules led armies, sacked cities, fought against the gods, and then joined forces with the gods in the great war known as 'The Gigantomachy'. This book tells the complete story of this legendary warrior, including information on the classical sources, his deification and cult, and his continuing popularity as a character in film, television and comic books.


In the stories of the ancient Vikings, Thor is a warrior without equal, who wields his mighty hammer in battles against trolls, giants, and dragons. He is the god of storms and thunder, who rides to war in a chariot pulled by goats, and who is fated to fall in battle with the Midgard Serpent during Ragnarok, the end of all things. This book collects the greatest myths and legends of the thunder god, while also explaining their historical context and their place in the greater Norse mythology. It also covers the history of Thor as a legendary figure, how he was viewed by different cultures from the Romans to the Nazis, and how he endures today as a popular heroic figure.

King Arthur

From his court at Camelot, King Arthur ruled over a unified Britain in a mythical age of peace and prosperity. His glory, however, would be short-lived. For even as he drew the sword from the stone, a doom settled over Arthur that would see his kingdom fall to betrayal and war. In this book, Daniel Mersey retells the great stories of Arthur, from his winning of Excalibur and his marriage to Guinevere, through his battle with the giant in France and his war against the army of Rome to the treachery of Mordred and his death at Camlann. Supporting this narrative is an exploration of the different facets of Arthurian myth, including the numerous conflicting theories of his historical origin, the tales of Welsh folklore and Medieval romance, and even his various portrayals in the modern media. Presented with both classic and newly commissioned artwork this book is an easy-to-read, yet highly detailed introduction to the complex body of myth and legend that surrounds Britain's greatest hero.

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Warrior Myth Legend 3 Books Collection Set

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A Modern Classic From The Best-Selling Series Myths and Legends Series Collection 3 Books, Is recommended by Snazal books wholesale.

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Hercules battle scenes are superb and king arthur episode also interesting..


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