Vintage Classics collection 3 books box set pack by Various. The fantastic titles in this set are The Secret Garden, Alice in wonderland and Little Women.
Vintage Children's Classics Collection 3 Books Box Set Pack by Various
Vintage Children's Classics Collection 3 Books Box Set Pack by Various
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Vintage Classics Collection 3 Books Box Set Pack


The Secret Garden

When Mary Lennox is sent to Misselthwaite Manor to live with her uncle everybody says she is the most disagreeable-looking child ever seen. It is true, too. Mary is pale, spoilt and quite contrary. But she is also horribly lonely. Then one day she hears about a garden in the grounds of the Manor that has been kept locked and hidden for years. And when a friendly robin helps Mary find the key, she discovers the most magical place anyone could imagine. Take our quiz, learn about the plucky author and find out about the real secret garden

Alice in wonderland

Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting! would out of his waistcoats pocket? It certainly seems a remarkable sight of Alice and full of curiosity, she follows him down a rabbit-hole into a very strange world. she meet a disappearing cat, play croquet with a bad-tempered queen, joins a mad hatter's tea party and become entangled in the case of some missing tarts. In wonderland nothing but out of the way thing happen. includes through the looking glass. learn about the author and what inspired him to create wonderland and try writing some nonsense verse!

Little Women

Rich or poor, we will keep together and be happy in one another. Christmas won't be the same this year for Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy, as their father is away fighting in the civil war, and the family has fallen on hard times. But though they may  be poor, life for the four march sisters is rich with colours, as they play games, put on wild theatricals, make new friends, argue, grapple with their vices, learn from their mistakes, nurse each other through sickness and disappointments and get into all sorts of trouble


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Vintage Children's Classics Collection 3 Books Box Set Pack

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Vintage Children's Classics Collection 3 Books Box Set Pack is recommended by snazal whole sale books.

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This is a fabulous book to read for anyone of any age. You can fully submerse yourself into this book and its characters are fully brought to life along with the Yorkshire accent by the author.


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