Project X Alien Adventures Series 2 Collection 25 Books Set Titles in the Set Space Vultures, The Waythroo Wormhole, The Moon Winder, The Red Cutlass, An Ancient Enemy, Attack of the Blobs, Double Cross, Operation Holotanium, The Craggrox Awake, The Giants of Ariddas, Starmite Swarm, The Fury of Vogoss, The Image Maker, Battle with Badlaw, Crunch Time, The Rats of Rolia, Trapped in Time, The Planet of Bones, Space Rat Rescue, The Destroyer, Cyberbee Break Out, Badlaw's Revenge, The Rust Monster, Pit-Stop Peril, Alien Adventures Fact File.
Project X Alien Adventures Series 2 Collection 25 Books Set by Various
Project X Alien Adventures Series 2 Collection 25 Books Set by Various

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Project X Alien Adventures Series 2 Collection 25 Books Set


  • The Project X Alien Adventures series is:-used in primary schools to encourage children to read independently and for pleasure- finely levelled, allowing your child to progress gradually and build their confidence- based around a truly gripping space adventure, guaranteed to make your child want to read on
  • - packed with fantastic 3D digital artwork.
  • This pack also includes a Project X Alien Adventures Fact File-
  • Full of fun stories
Titles in this set:

Space Vultures!
The Waythroo Wormhole
The Moon Winder
The Red Cutlass
An Ancient Enemy
Alien Adventures Fact File
Attack of the Blobs
Double Cross
Operation Holotanium
The Craggrox Awake
The Giants of Ariddas
Starmite Swarm
The Fury of Vogoss
The Image Maker
Battle with Badlaw
Crunch Time!
The Rats of Rolia
Trapped in Time
The Planet of Bones
Space Rat Rescue
The Destroyer
Cyberbee Break Out
Badlaw's Revenge
The Rust Monster
Pit-Stop Peril

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Project X Alien Adventures Series 2 Collection 25 Books Set

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The stories are fascinating and the information which every child will gain and learn from this book. Nice collection for children to learn,,,


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