Quentin Blake 10 book collection set by Quentin Blake & John Yeoman. This is like a short picture film narrates about Sir Quentin Saxby Blake who is illustrator and writer. Titles in this set are: The Bear's Winter House, Sixes and Sevens, The Fabulous Foskett Family Circus, The Wild Washerwomen, Rumbelow's Dance, Up with Birds, Beatrice and Vanessa, The Heron and the Crane, Mouse Trouble and The Bear's Water Picnic.
Quentin Blake Collection 10 Picture Flats Books Set Pack by Quentin Blake & John Yeoman
Quentin Blake Collection 10 Picture Flats Books Set Pack by Quentin Blake & John Yeoman
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Quentin Blake Collection 10 Books Set Pack Picture Flats


The Bear's Winter House

The bear is behaving very strangely indeed: collecting moss, logs and branches to build a winter house. The other animals think this is silly, and laugh at him, but when winter comes, bear is cosy in his winter house while the other animals suffer in the cold. Being a very kind bear, he invites the others in. Unfortunately for the bear, they are too excited to sleep, and it seems he will get no rest at all this winter! But when spring arrives, he finds a solution...

Sixes and Sevens

When Barnaby sets off on his raft, his mother tells him to stop at each village on the way to Limber Lea. Along the way he ends up collecting a wild and surprising bunch of passengers. Will he be able to transport them all to Limber Lea without any mishaps?

The Fabulous Foskett Family Circus

Roll up, roll up for the Fabulous Foskett Family Circus! There are Milly and Willy who perform with young Fred, who does a back flip and lands on his head. Uncle Phoenix Foskett who blows smoke rings, Jess and Bess with their conjuring tricks, not to mention singing dogs and birds and performing parrots.
Quentin Blake originally created the images of the eccentric and multi-talented Foskett family to decorate a hospital ward. They are combined here with a specially commissioned text by John Yeoman to create a glorious book, which will be enjoyed and treasured by book lovers of all ages.

The Wild Washerwomen

Look out, the wild washerwomen are coming! Once upon a time there were seven unhappy washerwomen. They had far too much washing to do and the owner of the laundry, Mr Balthazar Tight, was simply dreadful! So they decide to go on strike. They are so happy with their new found freedom that it seems nobody can control them. Until along come seven woodcutters, eager to teach them a lesson. But perhaps the washerwomen will teach the woodcutters a thing or two instead, and everyone might just live happily ever after.

Rumbelow's Dance

Rumbelow is off to visit his grandparents. As he sets off he feels so happy he starts to dance. And soon all the many different characters that he meets join in with his infectious dancing to his grandparents.

Up with Birds

The Flyte family find birds a nuisance as does everyone else, for there is simply not enough room for them on the ground. It is only when Mr Flyte invents a flying machine that the birds finally learn to fly.

Beatrice and Vanessa

Beatrice, the ewe, and Vanessa, the nanny-goat, have spent their whole lives chomping and nattering in the same field. One dull day they decide to go on holiday, only taking with them some balloons and something more surprising, both of which turn out to be very handy .

The Heron and the Crane

Crane lives at one end of a swamp and Heron at the other end. One day, Crane realizes he is lonely and thinks it's time he asks Heron to marry him. But life is never simple and proposing turns out to be more difficult than Crane could ever imagine . 

Mouse Trouble

This is a clever tale that uses very accessible language. There is so much detail in Quentin Blake's illustrations that each time you look at them you notice something new. Jo Heffer The Book bag Combining the writing talent of John Yeoman and the wonderful illustrations of Quentin Blake is inspired! This book should be in every home and school library. Parents In Touch Blake's wonderful illustrations mean that children would want to return to this book again and again. A lovely story. EYE The nocturnal shenanigans make this an especially appealing bedtime read-aloud, and the lengthier narrative will tempt and challenge adventurous beginning readers

The Bear's Water Picnic

The bear has organized a picnic on the river for his friends. It's the perfect day and everything is going swimmingly until they are disturbed by a loud croaking noise from among the lily pads. It's the frogs! They want to join in, but the friends don't fancy putting up with the noise, so they move on to a quieter part of the lake. Unfortunately they soon find themselves stuck on a sandbank, and only the frogs can help them!


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Quentin Blake Collection 10 Picture Flats Books Set Pack

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Sir Quentin Saxby Blake, is an English cartoonist, illustrator and children's writer. He may be known best for illustrating books written by Roald Dahl. For his lasting contribution as a children's illustrator he won the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2002, the highest recognition available to creators of children's books.From 1999 to 2001 he was the inaugural British Children's Laureate.

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