Fourteen-year-old Sunday Small has never lived outside the Nuneaton workhouse. The regime is cruel, and if it weren't for Miss Beau - who comes in every week to teach the children their letters.

Titles in this set:

  1. The Soldier's Daughter
  2. The Empty Cradle
  3. The Mill Girl
  4. Time to Say Goodbye
  5. Home Front Girls
  6. The Little Angel
  7. A Mother's Shame
  8. The Misfit
  9. The Maid's Courage
  10. A Maiden's Voyage
  11. Dilly's Lass
Rosie Goodwin Series 11 Books Collection Set - Empty Cradle, Mill Girl, Home Front Girls, Mothers Shame, Misfit, Dillys Lass, Little Angel and More by Rosie Goodwin
Rosie Goodwin Series 11 Books Collection Set - Empty Cradle, Mill Girl, Home Front Girls, Mothers Shame, Misfit, Dillys Lass, Little Angel and More by Rosie Goodwin

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Rosie Goodwin Series 11 Books Collection Set
The Little Angel
1896, Nuneaton. Left on the doorstep of Treetops Children's Home, young Kitty captures the heart of her guardian, Sunday Branning, who has never been blessed with a child of her own. Kitty brings sunshine and joy wherever she goes, and grows into a beguiling and favoured young girl. But then Kitty is summoned to live in London with her birth mother.
Dilly's Lass

Years ago Dilly made the devastating decision to give her baby daughter to wealthy local family, the Farthings. She is still living with the consequences of her choice when the daughter she gave away all those years ago turns up on Dilly's doorstep, with a baby girl in tow, begging for help. Olivia has a secret she only feels safe telling Dilly.
A Maiden's Voyage

1912, London. Eighteen-year-old Flora Butler is going up in the world. She has the prized position of lady's maid to young Constance Ogilvie, and is able to provide for her beloved parents and four younger siblings. She has even fallen in love, and though she does not feel quite ready to marry the charming Jamie Branning, her future seems clear.
The Mill Girl

Life is tough on the cobbled backstreet courtyards of Abbey Street, Warwickshire, in the 1840s: boys are destined for the pit and girls for the mill. Despite this, clever, feisty Maryann is happy there - until her mother dies. Her family collapses, leaving Maryann coping with everything, exhausted and lonely. Especially as Toby, the boy she is set on marrying, insists they wait.
The Empty Cradle

To the outside world, Charlotte is the privileged daughter of the local vicar. Behind closed doors, however, she is the prisoner of her controlling father. As she grows up, Charlotte longs for freedom, but her captivating innocence leads her into trouble. Sent to Ireland to hide a shameful pregnancy, she discovers that once again her father has deceived her.
Home Front Girls

Three girls all turn up for work, the day war is declared...Dotty has never known a life outside of the orphanage where she grew up, let alone love. Lucy is the sole carer of her little sister, now that her brother has gone to war. Annabelle has led a life of privilege but everyone has to pinch the pennies at the moment.

A Mothers Shame

One dismal day in 1857, Maria Mundy arrives at Hatter's Hall, the local mental asylum, not as an inmate but as a worker. Here, she is ordered to care for Isabelle Montgomery, the daughter of an influential land-owner. But Isabelle is not insane. She, like many other young women confined within the walls, has been banished here by her family. Hatter's Hall serves to hide unmarried women, in the family way, from prying eyes.

The Maids Courage

Ginny is devastated by the death of her mother, her two little brothers and her sister - but her father is destroyed by the loss. After a series of drunken mistakes, her father is imprisoned for murder, and Ginny and her little brother Charlie lose the only home they've ever known.
The Soldiers Daughter

Bryony Valentine lives at home with her mother Lois, father James and younger siblings. For as long as she can remember, she has been soft on the boy next door, Eddie, but her best friend Ruth has feelings for him too. Eddie is called up to serve, as is her father and Bryony's world is torn apart.

The Misfit

An abandoned baby. A damaged child. Can Rebecca escape her broken past. Abandoned outside a hospital, baby Rebecca didn't have a good start. She's adopted, but her new father can't warm to her, and her mother can't succeed in turning the plain, unresponsive child into the little princess she longs for. 

Time to say Goodbye

Nuneaton, 1935. Kathy has grown up at Treetops home for children, where Sunday and Tom Branning have always cared for her as one of their own. She enjoys her life at Treetops Manor, surrounded by her beloved horses, and with a future as a nurse ahead of her, she could wish for nothing more.

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Rosie Goodwin Series 11 Books Collection Set - Empty Cradle, Mill Girl, Home Front Girls, Mothers Shame, Misfit, Dillys Lass, Little Angel and More

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