Spot the Dog Story Collection 10 Books Box Set Titles in the Set Spot's Snowy Day,Spot Loves Sport, Spot's Toys, Spot's Harvest, Spot Loves Nursery, Spot Loves His Teacher, Spot Loves His Friends, Spot Goes Shopping, Spot Goes to the Library, Spot Says Please
Spot the Dog Story Collection Eric Hill 10 Books Box Set by Eric Hill
Spot the Dog Story Collection Eric Hill 10 Books Box Set by Eric Hill
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Spot the Dog Story Collection Eric Hill 10 Books Box Set 


Spot's Snowy Day

When it is snowing Spot likes to go sledging, build a snowman, throw snowballs, go skating with his friends and then drink hot chocolate by the fire with Grandma. Young readers will love sharing all these favourite winter activities with Spot. This is a new Spot story board book in the series that celebrates aspects of family and daily life for small children.The title follows Spot Loves his Teacher, published earlier in the year.

Spot Loves Sport

Eric Hill's famous puppy Spot just loves sport! Spot Loves Sport is a delightful storybook to share with busy toddlers, and is full of games they will recognise. Follow Spot on his adventure as he enjoys playing football, tennis, baseball and basketball, as well as having a race and riding his bike with his best friends Helen, Steve and Tom.

Spot's Toys

Spot loves his toys, and so do all his friends! In this new addition to the popular landscape board book series, Spot's friends play all day with his favorite toys-cars, trains, balls, and blocks. But Spot's most cherished toy of all is for him alone-his teddy bear! Full of toys and play, this book is sure to be loads of fun for young children everywhere.

Spot's Harvest

Spot and his friends take a trip to the orchard in this fun new board book. They pick apples, choose a pumpkin for baking pies, navigate a corn maze, and enjoy some soothing hot apple cider. This is a toasty, seasonal book, perfect for the harvest season.

Spot Loves Nursery

Join Spot in a brand new story all about his first day at nursery school. There are lots of friends to meet and fun things to do before Mum comes to pick Spot up at the end of the day. This simple, reassuring story with bright, playful artwork is the perfect introduction to starting nursery for young children.

Spot Loves His Teacher

Spot loves school. His teacher, Miss Bear, is always there to help out, whether the class is learning to paint, reading a story, or going on a nature walk. The school day seems to end too soon, and Spot is always glad he?ll be able to see Miss Bear tomorrow. A follow-up to the popular Spot Loves His Mommy and Spot Loves His Daddy, this is a sweet book that will appeal to both teachers and first-time students.

Spot Loves His Friends

Spot and his friends have a play date. Spot?s friends each have favorite things they like to do. Tom Alligator flies kites, Steve Monkey climbs trees, and Helen Hippo rides her bike. Spot likes doing them all, and he loves all of his friends, too! Children will love watching Spot play with his best buddies in this fun new board book.

Spot Goes Shopping

Spot is helping his mom shop at the grocery store. He gets to have his very own shopping cart, and helps pick out the cheese, eggs, cereal, and juice. His mom may even have a tasty surprise for him since he helped out so well!

Spot Goes to the Library

Spot loves reading! Join Spot in this new storybook by Eric Hill as he visits the library for the first time, listens to a story and borrows lots of fun books to read at home. Going to the library can be an exciting new first experience for young children - there's lots to learn about choosing a book, taking it to the counter to get it stamped, then taking it home to read and remembering to return it to the library on time. Libraries are the perfect place for young book lovers, and Spot is no exception.

Spot Says Please

Spot Says Please by Eric Hill: a brand new story all about manners Spot and his friends are learning that being polite is a rewarding experience. This useful book will help children to begin to use those all-important words, 'please' and 'thank you', as they learn alongside the loveable puppy, Spot, and all his friends.

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Spot the Dog Story Collection Eric Hill 10 Books Box Set

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Eric Hill (1927-2014) started his artistic career as an art studio messenger and from there went on to become a cartoonist and eventually an art director at a leading advertising agency. In 1978 Eric made up a story about a small puppy to read to his son at bedtime and Spot was born. The success of his first bestselling lift-the-flap classic Where's Spot? in 1980 convinced him to become a full-time author, and his Spot books have been enjoyed by children around the world ever since. In 2008 he was awarded an OBE for services to children's literacy.

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