Spy Dog Series 1 Andrew Cope Collection 5 Books Set Titles in the Set Spy Dog, Captured, Unleashed, Superbrain, Rocket Rider
Spy Dog Series 1 Andrew Cope Collection 5 Books Set by Andrew Cope
Spy Dog Series 1 Andrew Cope Collection 5 Books Set by Andrew Cope

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Spy Dog Series 1 Andrew Cope Collection 5 Books Set


Spy Dog

Forget 007, It's time to meet GM451: a Spy Dog - the first of her kind! Agent's ID: GM451 or LARA or Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal or that pesky mutt Distinguishing Features: Black and white mongrel, appears ordinary when working undercover, one black ear sticks up and the other flops down over one eye. Skills: Whistling, computer skills, unarmed combat, five languages, PlayStation grandmaster and many others . . . Employer: The Secret Service Hates: Villains, injustice and crime Current Mission: Escape an evil drug baron, go undercover, await retrieval by the Secret Service and try not to get too fond of the family she has chosen to looks after her


Spy Dog: Captured! by Andrew Cope is part of the brilliant Spy Dog series about the loveable Lara - Spy Dog extroadinaire! NEVER MIND JAMES BOND, LARA, THE WORLD'S ONE AND ONLY SPY DOG, IS BACK AGENT'S ID: LARA - Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal. Also known as the Cook family's favourite mongrel SKILLS: Goal-keeping legend, language skills including Advanced Cat and Basic Dolphin, ace surfer and champion juggler EQUIPMENT: Two new secret weapons LATEST MISSION: Even in retirement, Lara's sharp spy instincts always give her a nose for mystery. There's more to the Cooks' holiday island than meets the eye, and it's down to Lara to sniff it out . . .


MEET SPY DOG! LARA is her name (that's Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal to you) AKA Agent GM451. She waterskis . . .She plays cricket . . .She catches robbers on the run The dastardly Mr Big has escaped from prison. Not only does he want to frame super Spy Dog Lara and land her in big trouble, he's got his evil eye on the Millennium Diamond. It's the world's most precious jewel and it's about to go walkies.


She drives cars. She's a PlayStation champ. She's got a black belt in karate. She's AGENT GM451 (or LARA to you – Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal). A gang of villainous head teachers are plotting to make their school the very best. They're creating a secret formula, and the final ingredient is the brain of a child. They'll stop at nothing (even BANNING playtime) to get what they want. Can anyone stop their dastardly plot? Canine super spy Lara sniffs out her most dangerous mission yet – when adventure comes calling, what's a Spy Dog supposed to do?

Rocket Rider

LARA (that's Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal to you) may have retired from the Secret Service but she can still sniff out danger . . .On the trail of her long-lost dad, Lara discovers a team of rocket-building scientists - evil ones. Their leader is a nasty criminal who wants to cause trouble in space and only Lara can stop him. A Spy Dog never lets a mission go unsolved - an out-of-this-world adventure is about to take off!

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Spy Dog Series 1 Andrew Cope Collection 5 Books Set

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Andrew Cope (born 1966) is a children's author. He has written books from the Spy Dog, Spy Pups and Spy Cat series (Puffin). Andy has also written Racoon Rampage and Racoon Rampage: The Raid for Harper Collins Andy was born in Derby in 1966. He is a teacher and trainer in positive psychology. He has completed a PhD specializing in happiness and flourishing in the workplace. Andy has developed a course called 'The Art of Being Brilliant' which has been delivered in business and schools all over the world.

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Spy pubs are really cute,,, one of my favourite books series..


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