Whether you are teaching English as a foreign language for the first time, taking a training course, or you have been working in the field for years, this guide is a great, hands on resource for creating productive, fun lesson plans. Get a step by step guide to implementing TEFL planning models, lesson suggestions for students of all ages, and more!
TEFL Lesson Plans For Dummies by Michelle M. Maxom
TEFL Lesson Plans For Dummies by Michelle M. Maxom

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TEFL Lesson Plans For Dummies


TEFL Lesson Plans For Dummies is a ready made course manual for TEFL teachers. With fully fleshed out lessons, activities, tools, games, and resources, this book contains what is essentially an instant TEFL course. Use the ready made materials directly in the classroom, or follow along with the detailed planning models and frameworks to grow your skills while designing your own lesson plans more effectively. The book includes access to online materials you can print for use in class, and the lessons can be used with or without the aid of technology in the classroom. You will find expert advice on teaching all age levels and class sizes, including ideas for taking the lessons out into the world.

Many EFL/ESL teachers have little or no experience, and may have only been in the profession for a limited time. TEFL Lesson Plans For Dummies saves the day with materials, ideas, and activities that can be implemented quickly and easily, making lessons more productive and fun. From quick exercises to larger scale plans, this book contains hundreds of ways to help your students become more proficient English speakers.

  • Implement expertly designed planning models with step by step advice
  • Teach lessons designed for students of all ages and classes of all sizes
  • Integrate technology when its available, or do without it when it�€�s not
  • Move your lessons outside of the classroom for deeper immersion

Whether you are taking a TEFL training course, about to head out on your first job, or a veteran of the field, this book provides you with the tools you will need to get things moving in class. If you are looking to cut down on planning time without sacrificing student engagement, TEFL Lesson Plans For Dummies is the classroom ready resource you need.

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TEFL Lesson Plans For Dummies

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