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Thats Not My Angel (Touchy-Feely Board Books). This delightful series of board books is aimed at very young children the bright picture, with their patches of different textures, are designed to develop sense and lanuage awarness. Babies and toddlers will love turning the pages and touching the feely patches
Thats Not My Angel Touchy-Feely Board Books by Fiona Watt, Rachel Wells
Thats Not My Angel Touchy-Feely Board Books by Fiona Watt, Rachel Wells

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Thats Not My Angel (Touchy-Feely Board Books)


Little hands will love exploring the touchy-feely textures on each page as they meet the angels in this festive board book. Children can join in with the simple, repetitive text as they turn the pages and encounter soft hair, silky dresses and squashy sleeves. Specially designed to help develop sensory and language awareness in babies and toddlers. A wonderful gift for a first Christmas.

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Thats Not My Angel Touchy-Feely Board Books

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Fiona graduated from Exeter University with a B.Ed. (Hons.), specializing in Psychology and Art and Design. After university she worked as a researcher and writer for a company which published educational material for places where children went on school visits (zoos, museums, stately homes etc). Fiona then taught seven, eight and nine year old for five years; three years at a state school in Seven oaks in Kent, and two years at The British School in the Netherlands in The Hague.

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Great book for the kids to learn easily the basic language before joining the school and even the textures are really attractive for the babies to touch and feel it...

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