The 5:2 diet is safe, effective and amazingly simple way to lose weight and benefit your health at the same time. With 100 calorie-counted recipes.
The 5:2 Diet Recipe Book by Bounty
The 5:2 Diet Recipe Book by Bounty
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The 5:2 Diet Recipe Book


The 5:2 lifestyle diet is sweeping the world. It allows you to change your life for the better by dieting for just 2 days per week. You will live longer, lose weight and feel great by reducing your calorie intake to 500/600 calories for just 2 days a week. The rest of the week you can eat normally, eat out and even have treats.

With 100 calorie-counted recipes specially designed for fasting, it couldn't be easier to put the 5:2 diet into practice. All the recipes are quick, easy to make and taste delicious, so fasting need not be a chore.

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The 5:2 Diet Recipe Book

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Great intro to the background science of this diet. The recipes and calorie list are just what you need to get started although the index isn't always 100% intuitive.


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