Titles in this set:

  1. Guardians Of The West 
  2. King Of The Murgos 
  3. Demon Lord Of Karlanda 
  4. Sorceress Of Darshiva 
  5. Seeress Of Kell
  6. Pawn Of Prophecy
  7. Queen Of Sorcery
  8. Magician's Gambit
  9. Castle Of Wizardry
  10. Enchanters' End Game
The Belgariad & The Malloreon Series 10 Books Collection Set By David Eddings by David Eddings
The Belgariad & The Malloreon Series 10 Books Collection Set By David Eddings by David Eddings

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The Belgariad and The Malloreon Series 10 Books Collection Set By David Eddings


Pawn of Prophecy

Long ago, the evil God Torak fought a war to obtain an object of immense power - the Orb of Aldur. But Torak was defeated and the Orb reclaimed by Belgarath the sorcerer.  Garion, a young farm lad, loves the story when he first hears it from the old storyteller. But it has nothing to do with him. Or does it? For the stories also tell of a prophecy that must be fulfilled - a destiny handed down through the generations. And Torak is stirring again 

Queen of Sorcery

Legends tell how Belgarath the sorcerer and his daughter Polgara defeated the evil God Torak, imprisoning him in an endless sleep. But now a priest of Torak is racing to his God with the Orb of Aldur and is racing to reawaken him. Belgarath and Polgara are on his trail. With them is Garion, a simple farm boy only months before. And with each  league the group travel, the power of sorcery is growing in Garon

Magician's Gambit

Many thousands of years ago, two prophecies came into being and a moment was  fixed, when only one would determine the future. This moment, a clash between the maimed god Torak and the descendant of the Rivan  king, is approaching  . . .  Garion, was brought up as a farm lad but is now beginning to understand the extent of his part in the prophecy, and working hard to control his sorcerous power. He is  travelling towards this meeting in a sinister tower where the evil god lies sleeping. With him is the wise sorcerer Belgarath. And Ce'Nedra - a  wilful young princess who refuses to believe in sorcery., but is terrified that Garion will die in the coming confrontation

Castle of Wizardry

Garion and his companions now have the Orb of Aldur, carried by an innocent young boy, and must return it to its rightful home on the pommel of the sword in the Great Hall on the island of Riva  .As they journey across the lands, Murgo soldiers and Grolim sorcerers try to stop them. But Garion's true adversary, the evil God Torak - is waking up in his dark tomb - ready for the final conflict.

Guardians Of The West

The evil God Torak is slain, and Garion, the long-awaited King of Riva, hopes for peace. And for a while he gets his wish.But then a darker prophecy is revealed, and new and more insidious forces gather. As danger mounts from all quarters, and his son is kidnapped, Garion has no choice but to follow his fate, wherever it might lead...

King Of The Murgos

Garion and Ce’Nedra are on a desperate journey to find their young son Geran. His kidnapper Zandramas is powerful and elusive, with many disguises. But they must not give in to despair, or all is lost.Their search leads through the foul swamps of Nyissa, and on into the dark Kingdom of the Murgos, where human sacrifices are still made to the dead god Torak.

Demon Lord Of Karanda

Garion’s journey becomes ever more fraught with danger. He and his company must use every skill they possess to evade capture. Any delay will be fatal for his beloved son.They have no choice but to pursue the kidnappers wherever they go – even through a land reputed to be ruled by demons.

Sorceress Of Darshiva

The Ashabine oracles have been found. They carry a message from the evil god Torak, who Garion once destroyed – one that spells the end of all he thought he knew. A great battle of demons and men looms. The forces of good must ready themselves for attack from all sides.

Seeress Of Kell

The last clue has been found. It will lead Garion and his friends to the Place Which Is No More. Zandramas awaits him there...and with him is Garion’s son.Armed only with his ancestral sword Garion must fight his way past dragons and demons to meet Zandramas and fulfil his destiny.

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The Belgariad & The Malloreon Series 10 Books Collection Set By David Eddings

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