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1. The Very Hungry Worry Monsters
2. No Probllama!
3. H Is for Happy-saurus
4. Can I HAve A HUG!
6. Hope the RAINBOW Fairy

The Very Hungry Worry Monsters & Friends 6 Books Set With Bag by Various
The Very Hungry Worry Monsters & Friends 6 Books Set With Bag by Various

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The Very Hungry Worry Monsters & Friends 6 Books Set With Bag

The Very Hungry Worry Monsters

they EAT your worries and make them DISAPPEAR! Frettie Fluster is a Worry Monster expert,but when she can't find one of the monsters, she starts to WORRY too! Find out what happens in this funny book, perfect for encouraging children to talk about their worries.

No Probllama!

Llama loves to boast about what he can do. Singing? No probllama! Karate? No probllama! But when Lemur puts him to the test, will Llama be up to the challenge?
Find out in this hilarious story, perfect for adults and children to share.

H Is for Happy-saurus

A is for ANGRY-saurus. B is for BRAVE-asaur. C is for CALM-otaurus and inside you'll find much more.. Discover a whole alphabet of emotions with this roar-some book, perfect for exploring feelings with your little dinosaurs!

Can I Have A HUG!

When Stu's best friend moves away, he misses him and really wants a hug. Luckily, Stu's sister Frettie is WORRY MONSTER expert, and they show Stu and Frettie that there are lots of ways to get the same warm, fuzzy feeling as a hug.


Finley is a bite-sized fish who's tired of being small. He wants to be a GREAT WHITE SHARK, but his plan is far from smooth sailing. Join Finley on a fin-tastic journey, where a big, SHARKY surprise helps him see that he's great just the way he is.

Hope the RAINBOW Fairy

Hope the Rainbow Fairy spreads colour and happiness in Fairyland, but when a fairy flu hits, everyone has to stay at home to keep safe. Join Hope as she discovers a magical way to spread rainbow colours and bring the fairies together, even when they're apart.

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The Very Hungry Worry Monsters & Friends 6 Books Set With Bag

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