Titchy Witch Collection Set by Rose Impey contains 8 fantastic magical tales of little witch. Presented in a simple & clear way with cool pictures.
Titchy Witch Collection 8 Books Set by Rose Impsey
Titchy Witch Collection 8 Books Set by Rose Impsey
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Wobbly Fang

Titchy-witch has a wobbly fang, but it won't come out on its own . . . until she gives it a little bit of help - using magic!

Disappearing Baby

Titchy-witch doesn't think much of her noisy new sister. But when she puts a spell on the baby, it doesn't work quite the way she expects!

Frog Fiasco

Titchy-witch thinks the magic in her mum's Big Book of Spells is easy-breezy. But as she soon discovers, if you don't read it right, the spell may turn out all wrong!

Magic Party

Titchy-witch is having her first party, but it isn't going very well . . . until she starts to wave her magic wand!

Get-Better Spell

When Titchy-witch's mum has the witchy-flu, Cat-a-bogus makes a big pot of Get-Better Soup. But Titchy-witch thinks a Get-Better Spell will do more good!

Stray Dragon

Titchy-witch loves her pet dragon but she can only keep him while he's small. When the dragon begins to grow BIG, Titchy-witch needs an extra-special spell to save her precious pet.

Birthday Broomstick

Titchy-witch thinks flying is easy-breezy. But when she sets off on her first solo flight, she finds that riding a broomstick is much harder than it looks!

Bully Boggarts

When Titchy-witch turns Gobby-goblin's nose into a sausage, he gets his cousins, the Bully Boggarts, to teach her a lesson . . . but Titchy-witch comes up with her best spell yet!

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Titchy Witch Collection 8 Books Set

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Rose Impey is highly regarded as a writer for children of all ages. It was her experience of telling stories as a teacher that led to her successful career as a children's author. She is the creator of the highly successful series: Sleepover Club.

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Titchy Witch Collection 8 Books Box Set, Is recommended by Snazal Books Wholesale.

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Have a 4 year old son, he loves these stories! The pages are colorfully illustrated too, so it helps to keep his interest in the plot. Quite fun too. Would recommend.


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