Books Wholesale Trade Services for Wholesale Traders

Books Wholesale Trade Services for Wholesale Traders

Snazal ® Book Wholesale Trade Service is the wholesale division established since December 2005. Snazal books wholesale works with trade shops, primarily within the United Kingdom. Our books wholesale team has grown over time and, due to our excellent business growth, we now operate with other trade shops in UK and serve clients based all around the world. We also supply to local schools and libraries in the UK. Snazal accept purchase orders for Schools and Libraries as well.

Why Buy From Snazal Wholesale Trade Division

When you become a Snazal ® Book Trade customer you are able to source a large amount of books online from our extensive selection. Our products range from children's books, to fiction and non-fiction books, plus many more titles at low and competitive prices.

Trade Customers can also benefit from some additional options available, for example:

1. Customers can buy our books by having credit facilities set by Snazal.

2. Customers can choose to pay using various payment methods to fit their needs i.e. Bank Transfers, UK cheques, Paypal and Terminal Services.

3. UK customers can return goods if they struggle to sell them in their store. Products must come back to Snazal in the same condition as they were when they left us).

4. UK customers get free shipping. General public pay £3.99 per item, and hence trade customers get excellent trade prices, rather than standard prices.

5. International customers get free shipping to freight forwarders within UK ports with tracking services.

6. Where possible, additional discount is offered to trade customers.

7. Customers will receive personal customer service from a dedicated Wholesale Manager in order to support yours needs and help your own business to grow and develop.

8. UK customers get access to a 'collect from store service' by which it's possible to access to 500,000 books directly from us. Make an enquiry via email for more details about this.

9. Please note - on demand titles might take up to one week for delivery.

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