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Usborne Illustrated English Dictionary An essential home or school reference book that is perfect for children beginning their SATs and similar exams.
Usborne Illustrated English Dictionary by Jane Bingham
Usborne Illustrated English Dictionary by Jane Bingham
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Usborne Illustrated English Dictionary


A comprehensive dictionary with over a thousand colour illustrations, over 10,000 entries and 25,000 straightforward definitions. Fully revised and updated for 2014 and beyond, with new words added and redundant words removed. Includes example sentences and pronunciation guides for tricky words, as well as information about the conventions of written English and a brief history of the English language. An essential home or school reference book that is perfect for children beginning their SATs and similar exams.

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Usborne Illustrated English Dictionary

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Jane M. Bingham spent most of her adult life teaching college students about children's literature at Oakland University, collecting and studying children's books from across history and around the world, and campaigning for better materials for children to read. After she retired from that career, she began writing children's books of her own. Bingham has since authored several nonfiction books that seek to explain contemporary issues to children, including divorce, the dangers of drug abuse, and the art and culture of civilizations around the world. In Why Do Families Break Up? Bingham attempts to demystify the process of divorce for middle-school students. The book begins by examining some of the reasons a couple might decide to divorce, then moves on to explain the process of coping and moving on after a family separates. School Library Journal contributor Sharon A. Neal described the book as "supportive [and] unbiased" and noted, "Despite the nature of the topic, the book is hopeful." Tiananmen Square: June 4, 1989 examines the studentled protest against China's Communist rulers that occurred there, in the middle of Beijing, in the spring of 1989. On June 4 the government mobilized the army, including tanks, to disperse the demonstrators, killing several of them in the process. "The excellent illustrations and clear narrative," Elizabeth Talbot wrote in School Library Journal, make Tiananmen Square a "good introduction" to the protest and its aftermath.

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